About Me

About Me:

I am an English Language tutor from Great Britain. I was born in London but grew up in a quiet seaside town. I was lucky enough to be able to travel around Europe 2 years ago and throw myself into new experiences! At this time, I decided to participate in a voluntary programme teaching English to adults: first in Poland, then in Hungary. This experience inspired me to pursue English teaching as a career, having discovered that I had a passion for cultural exchanges and a natural ability to teach adults. 

When I am not teaching English, I enjoy travelling - I have visited over ten different countries in the last few years. I am also a regular gym goer and exercise enthusiast - it has many physical and mental health benefits!

My Teaching Methods: 

I am a patient, dedicated, and friendly tutor. I pride myself on making you feel comfortable with me whilst learning at your own pace.

My teaching methodology is based upon the idea that language learning is most effective when it mirrors real-life conversations. 

I centre our lessons on popular topics such as 'food,' 'travel,' and 'current events.' This approach not only makes learning enjoyable but also relevant to your daily life.

 I will help you improve your language skills for  everyday life and work scenarios. Lessons are always personalised to your learning goals and abilities. 

I offer immediate correction on your language mistakes, as well as written feedback on any common language errors you are making.